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         I am an English trained letter cutter and stone carver. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College in 1991, and then studied Architectural Stone Masonry and Stone Carving at Weymouth College, a vocational college in Weymouth, England from 1993-95. I became an apprentice letter cutter at the David Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge, England in 1996. For a year I was taught the art of lettering and letter cutting in stone. All of the work was done by hand from hand drawn designs and layouts to carving the inscriptions with mallets and chisels.  I stayed in Great Britain another year, living and working in an around Edinburgh, Scotland. I returned to the U.S. in 1998, and I have been living and working in New Paltz as a letter cutter and stone carver since then. 


         I specialize in traditional hand carved lettering and relief carving in stone.  Much of my work entails the designing and carving of memorials and commemorative plaques. My goal is to make memorials for individuals or families who want something more traditional or different then the mass produced impersonal memorials prevalent today. My work is individually designed and hand carved, and ranges from traditonal classic style headstones to more natural and organic style markers.


         Lettering and relief carving in stone does not need to be utilized for memorial purposes only. The use of carved stone to accentuate private homes and gardens and public spaces is well established in both historical and modern architecture and landscaping. The use of lettering and relief carving, when applied thoughtfully and creatively can enhance the beauty of any space.  

Contact Information

190 Huguenot Street

New Paltz, N.Y. 12561

845 332 7585

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